Postal Code for Kozukecho

Postcode of Kozukecho, Gojoshi, NARA in JAPAN : 〒637-0073. You can also compare with English and Japanese address one by one.

Postcode 〒637-0073

Postal Code, ZIP Code



NARA - 奈良県


Gojoshi - 五條市


Kozukecho - 上野町

〒 is the symbol of the Japanese postal services, and is used as a Japanese postal code mark.

Postcode data : last modified in 2019-05. It is recommended that you confirm accuracy by comparing with Japan Post official website (Japanese Only).


Area of Postal Code 637-0073

Address in English and Japanese

In Japanese, the address is generally written, beginning with the largest geographical area and ending with the smallest one. The order is reversed when writing in Roman letters, to better suit Western conventions.

(XXX-YYY-ZZZ stands for the sample of Block or House number)

English style address



Gojoshi, NARA

〒637-0073 JAPAN

Japanese style address


奈良県 五條市



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