〒029-4205: ZIP Code of Maesawakujanohana, etc., Oshushi, IWATE

ZIP code / Postcode of Maesawakujanohana, etc., Oshushi, IWATE, JAPAN is 〒029-4205. You can also learn how to write Japanese addresses by comparing them with English addresses one by one.

ZIP code & Place name

ZIP code / Postcode:


Place name in English and Japanese


Maesawakujanohana - 前沢区蛇ノ鼻

Maesawakushirotoridate - 前沢区白鳥舘

Maesawakushinjo - 前沢区新城

Maesawakuichinosawa - 前沢区一ノ沢

Maesawakuoobukuro - 前沢区大袋

Maesawakuokita - 前沢区沖田

Maesawakuroppommatsu - 前沢区六本松

Maesawakuyaguramae - 前沢区櫓前

Maesawakuyagita - 前沢区谷起田

Maesawakuyagita - 前沢区谷記田

Maesawakushimizu - 前沢区清水

Maesawakuyagi - 前沢区谷起

Maesawakuyagi - 前沢区谷記

Maesawakusato - 前沢区里

Maesawakumorotezawa - 前沢区両手沢

Maesawakuosawaguchi - 前沢区小沢口

Maesawakutsutsumida - 前沢区堤田

Maesawakuteruidate - 前沢区照井舘

Maesawakuaterasawa - 前沢区安寺沢

Maesawakuishida - 前沢区石田

Maesawakutokusawa - 前沢区徳沢

Maesawakuminowa - 前沢区箕輪

Maesawakuurushino - 前沢区うるし野

Maesawakuainosawa - 前沢区合ノ沢

Maesawakunagasawa - 前沢区永沢

Maesawakuunoki - 前沢区鵜ノ木

Maesawakukinutome - 前沢区衣関

Maesawakunagane - 前沢区長根

Maesawakuunokida - 前沢区鵜ノ木田

Maesawakunakayashiki - 前沢区中屋敷

Maesawakuminaminakajima - 前沢区南中島

Maesawakuminamitogasaki - 前沢区南塔ヶ崎

Maesawakunamiarai - 前沢区浪洗

Maesawakuminamijimba - 前沢区南陣場

Maesawakumaeno - 前沢区前野

Maesawakuninosawa - 前沢区二ノ沢

Maesawakunumajiri - 前沢区沼尻

Maesawakunumanosawa - 前沢区沼ノ沢

Maesawakuhinata - 前沢区日向

Maesawakuhoshiba - 前沢区干場

Maesawakufukuyo - 前沢区福養

Maesawakukawauchi - 前沢区川内


Oshushi - 奥州市


IWATE - 岩手県


〒 is the symbol of the Japanese postal services, and is used as a Japanese postal code mark.

Postcode data : last modified in 2020-03. It is recommended that you confirm accuracy by comparing with Japan Post official website (Japanese Only).


Area of Postal Code 029-4205

Address Notation in English and Japanese

How to write a Japanese address

In Japanese, the address is generally written, beginning with the largest geographical area and ending with the smallest one. The order is reversed when writing in Roman letters, to better suit Western conventions.

Address Notation

The address notation for "XXX-YYY-ZZZ, Maesawakujanohana, etc., Oshushi, IWATE, JAPAN" is as follows. (XXX-YYY-ZZZ stands for the sample of Block or House number)

English style address





〒029-4205 JAPAN

Japanese style address






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