Kamitobaminamitonomotocho, Kyotoshiminamiku, KYOTOFU, JAPAN

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Postal Code 601-8123

Postral Code for Kamitobaminamitonomotocho, Kyotoshiminamiku, KYOTOFU, JAPAN : 601-8123

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Upload July 8,2011 (Data Jun 28,2011)

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Address in English and Japanese

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Prefecture : KYOTOFU (京都府)

City : Kyotoshiminamiku (京都市南区)

Town : Kamitobaminamitonomotocho (上鳥羽南塔ノ本町)

(XXX-XXX-XXX below stands for the sample of Block or House number)

What's the postal code for Japan ?

Postal codes for Japan are seven digits.

In Japan, the address is generally written on a single line, beginning with the largest geographical area and ending with the smallest one.

In the Roman alphabet, this would transcripted as follows:

JAPAN 601-8123 KYOTOFU Kyotoshiminamiku Kamitobaminamitonomotocho XXX-XXX-XXX

In the Japanese kanji, this would transcripted as follows:

〒601-8123 京都府 京都市南区 上鳥羽南塔ノ本町 XXX-XXX-XXX

English style address

XXX-XXX-XXX, Kamitobaminamitonomotocho

Kyotoshiminamiku, KYOTOFU

601-8123 JAPAN

Japanese style address

〒 601-8123

京都府 京都市南区

上鳥羽南塔ノ本町 XXX-XXX-XXX,

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